Annual Membership and Race Registration

New Racers check for available RACE NUMBERS

  • To reserve your number you must pay your Annual Membership Fee

2024 Annual Membership: Closed

  • The Annual Membership Fees are intended to be a discount for dedicated racers. Rather than paying an additional $20 for each event, racers pay an upfront fee of $100. This option is only open until the start of the season.

2024 Race Day Registration

  • For 2024, online registration prior to the event is highly encouraged for administration and planning purposes.
  • Race day signups will be charged an additional $20.
  • Follow the Hyperlinks below to register for an event.

Round 1 @ IMI Motorsports Complex: Closed

Round 2 @ SBR Motorsports Park: Closed

Round 3 @ Grand Junction Motor Speedway: Closed

Round 4 @ IMI Motorsports Complex: Open

Round 5 @ SBR Motorsports Park: Open

Endurance Race @ IMI Motorsports Complex: Open

Round 6 @ Grand Junction Motor Speedway: Open

Round 7 @ SBR Motorsports Park: Open