Think BIG, Ride small – Rocky Mountain Mini Moto

Our Story

Rocky Mountain Mini Moto was established in 2005 to promote and develop the sport of miniature road racing in Colorado. Our vision is to bring mini roadracing into the mainstream, by offering a program that enables racers to develop their skills in a fun and safe environment. We have riders from all ages and abilities on bikes ranging from 50cc 2-strokes all the way up to 200cc 4-stroke engines. Rocky Mountain Mini Moto races at 3 tracks around Colorado, come check out a race near you!

Racer Testimonials

Hear it directly from some of the club’s racing veterans – Why they choose Rocky Mountain Mini Moto and why they love racing mini bikes.

James Tittle

Former AMA Rider

“I have been racing with RMMM for over ten years. Low powered motorcycles are the best machines to gain real world road racing experience. When you don’t have the horsepower of a large sport-bike corner speed becomes of paramount importance. Consistency is everything in mini moto and it forces riders to learn good body position and allows them to more quickly master proper racing techniques.”

Jason Madama

MotoAmerica Super Bike Rider

“I have been with Rocky Mountain Mini Moto from the beginning. It has helped me progress on to bigger bikes and win races and break lap records. Why am I still here? I love the people and getting as much track time as possible. Mini Moto helps and it really is not that far off of the 300cc class bikes. I now race with Moto-America and I still come to every mini race I can. I love MINIS!”